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Are you looking for a comprehensive tool to manage all the aspects of your sports Projects ? Take wind in your sail !

Rise Sailing, the bespoke digital solution

In a few words

What is Rise Sailing ?

Rise Sailing is above all a 360 degree digital approach. With a wide range of features, you can manage multiple boats or sailing devices, multiple crews, and even your fitness preparation plan.

Who is it for ?

For anyone who sets foot on a boat on a regular basis! Are you a member of a club, a top-level athlete or a leisure sailor? Do you want to progress and manage your practice with your teammates, friends or family and share your sport with the sailing community? Then go for Rise Sailing!

What does it do ?

It is the tool that will allow you to improve your performance and progress continuously, during and outside navigation times. Rise Sailing is your daily companion for a well-structured management of your sports practice, based on four major themes :


A single scheduling tool for all your Projects on one single interface !  Learn more

Session Record

For each navigation Session, get a Session Sheet that collects all the information ! Learn more


A compilation of the data you record during your Sessions is easily accessible, at last! Learn more


Keep in touch with your crew and share your experiences ! Learn more

Rise Sailing is an all-screen cloud solution that only requires a web browser to run. To make the most of all the features, especially notifications, we recommend Rise Sailing for Android or iPhone and iPad.

Need some explanation ?

Scheduling is Key !

Between training Sessions, competitions, PR events, equipment maintenance or shipyard operations, the art of planning can quickly become a real mess! Rise Sailing fixes this issue in just one tool.

Pro Pro Easy screening of all your Projects

For each Project* on which you are working, you get an overview of all the sailing Sessions classified by type (training, competition, technique...), with categories that match your type of boat or sailing device. Sessions you don’t attend are displayed differently, and Sessions in your other Projects are also visible.

*At Rise Sailing, a Project is everything that relates to your boat: Sessions, equipment, crew...

ProSchedule your Sessions easily (video)

With a single click, drag and drop Sessions into the Project schedule from your list of typical Sessions. For each Session, define a training scheme and/or crew list (please click on the picture to watch the demo video).

Invite and notify your teammates

Add your teammates to the Sessions and they are automatically notified on their phone.

A navigation Session = a Session Sheet!

Forget the handwritten notebook, which often gets lost or needs an update : go for the digital Session Sheet! Rise Sailing allows you to associate each training Session, competition or leisure sailing Session with a dedicated report sheet, full of valuable information. Some of the data is automatically integrated into the database and in less than a minute you can validate the essential information you need to build your own database.

Your Session in a blink !

Going even further. . .

Time for exchange and comments among members:

  • Text entry field for individual comments
  • Assessing the Session
  • Instant chats between crew members and the coach(es), and with the other boats.

 How much time have you sailed this year ?

If you can’t easily answer this question, Rise Sailing will answer it for you! And if you can, it’s because you know how tedious it is to reckon your sailing hours. Rise Sailing can do much more!

Personal Dashboard

You navigate on several boats or sailing devices, which you or other Rise Sailing users manage : on your Homepage, access your navigation volume immediately for each Project. You will get the number of Sessions and the number of hours.

Project Dashboard

Is the next goal of the year approaching? Do you know if you have sailed enough under all conditions? Rise Sailing answers that question.

For each Project, see the distribution of the hours sailed by wind band or Session type. The means of your Sessions assessments are also available.

ProDetailed AnalysisCome Soon

In the next phase of development, users with a Pro subscription plan will have access to more advanced interfaces to analyze their Project data.

You will be able to apply filters to your Sessions to bring out relevant information that will enhance your practice. You will also be able to compare the tracks of several boats/sailing devices.

Keep in touch with your coach and teammates!

Sailing is first and foremost a team sport, and even solo Projects are built as a team. A lot of people are involved in a Project: skippers, trainers, coaches, and many more, and it is critical for every stakeholder to get the right level of information to work efficiently. Rise Sailing with its 360 degree solution and ability to share information allows you to optimize your preparation and achieve excellence.

Interact with other Athletes

Rise Sailing allows you to add other registered users to your Projects so they can interact with you. They have access to your Project, and can help you manage it, add personal comments and make their own assessment in the Session sheets.

Do you want to sail on several boats today? Rise Sailing includes an instant messaging app with all crew members on every boat.

Work with your Coach-wherever you are!

Coaches have their own interface to manage several Projects and Athletes at the same time (more information). Simply accredit your Coach, and he or she will be able to interact with your Project, bringing you valuable experience while scheduling and analysing your Sessions to help you perform even better.

Are you looking for a Coach who works with Rise Sailing? Contact us as we are able to put you in touch with qualified trainers for your type of boat or sailing device.

Get free access for your crew 

Depending on your subscription plan, you can associate a number of users with a ‘Free User (Guest)’ profile so that they can take an active part in your Project.However, these users do not have the ability to create their own Project, nor do they have a personalized homepage that recaps the volume of practice on their different Projects. They’re just contributors.

If some crew members are already registered with an Athlete profile on Rise Sailing, they are not counted in your quota of teammates.

Our "Skipper" Offers

For the moment only Pro subscriptions are available.

Pricing is based on the number of team members you can invite free of charge to interact with you on your Projects. Add-ons may subsequently be available on the various subscription plans, or offered as an option.

Individual 50 €

per month, including VAT, annual subscription fee, 300€ for the first year, then 600€ per year

One-month trial*
  • All Features
  • Access to the help-desk platform
  • 5 Go of storage

Double 60 €

per month, including VAT, annual subscription fee, 360€ the first year, then 720€ per year

One-month trial*
  • All Features
  • Access to the help-desk platform
  • 5 Go of storage
  • One Free User - Guest accreditation included

76 €

per month, including VAT, annual subscription fee, 456€ the first year, then 912€ per year

One-month trial*
  • All Features
  • Access to the help-desk platform
  • 5 Go of storage
  • Five Free Users - Guests accreditations included

Team - €

Specific pricing upon request

Contact Us
  • All Features
  • Access to the help-desk platform
  • Customized storage
  • Customized Teammate access

* 31 days of free use of Rise Sailing if you choose the auto-renewal payment option.


Éric Péron, Ocean racing

Eric is an experienced ocean racer who has often been on the winner’s podium, sailing on several types of boats (Figaro, Volvo Ocean Race, IMOCA. . . ). Eric is already training thanks to Rise Sailing!

“An essential tool, simple and effective at the heart of performance: the Athlete’s little notebook has become interactive!”

Hélène Noesmoen, Olympic Windsurfing Athlete

Hélène has been a regular on the international Olympic windsurfing circuit for many years, including a World Cup win in Miami in 2018, a Formula Foil World Champion title and a 2020 IQFoil European Champion title.

“Rise Sailing brings me a lot more of organization, I don’t have to go fumbling for information, it’s all just in one place. I don’t get lost in my notes as much as I used to and it also makes it easier for me to communicate with my Coach.”

 Focus on the "Equipment Management" feature 

Sailing sports require a lot of equipment and managing it properly is essential to deliver the best performance. Ensuring a strict monitoring of the equipment and its evolution over time is not an obvious thing, but fortunately Rise Sailing takes care of everything!


All the equipment listed in just one place!

You can create a digital record sheet for every piece of equipment you want to track for performance, durability, wear, and consult it at any time. You will no longer be looking for a purchase price, a serial number or a warranty date!

Recording Uses

One Session = the list of the equipment you have used!

And to make sure you don’t forget, we ask you to confirm which equipment was used, directly via notifications on your phone at the end of each Session. Don’t worry, it’ll take you less than a minute!

Get a sound database that compiles all your uses.

Analysis of uses by wind force

Because we automatically associate the weather with each Session (see the ‘Data’ section), and the equipment you have used, Rise Sailing can always show you how many hours your equipment has been sailing, making it easier for you to decide whether it should be checked, changed, or not!

Focus on the "Data" Feature

Rise Sailing allows you to add a lot of information to your Session sheets, some automatically or semi-automatically. This way, the GPS tracks of your connected watches can be integrated into your Session sheets, as well as photos of your latest navigation. Your Session sheets are also automatically fed by a weather data provider.


How long have you sailed in more than 20 knots of wind this season? The answer to this question usually requires a great deal of diligence and a careful recording of the sailing hours and weather conditions. Now, Rise Sailing does it all for you, automatically, by retrieving the weather forecast for your Session from specialized servers. And if the weather you encounter differs, you can even update it!


“Hey, where did I put that beautiful photo of the Tas de Pois Passage? "
If this kind of question unfortunately echoes a situation that you have experienced too often, well, Rise Sailing can help you! At each Session, you can add your photos and videos, plus PDF files, audio files, or internet links. Everything remains secure and within reach.

Smart Watches

Dozens of GPS tracks from your navigation pile up and the data is left unused. Rise Sailing allows you to associate them with your Sessions and visualize the valuable information they contain.

We partner with the three largest smartwatch manufacturers in the sports world: Garmin, Polar and Suunto. You can link your Rise Saling account to their platform to enter your GPS tracks easily to your Rise Sailing Session sheets.

If you don’t have a smartwatch, the Polar Beat app (free) lets you record Sessions from your smartphone and automatically retrieve the data on Rise Sailing. You can also directly import files in FIT format (these files can be exported from Suunto App and Garmin Connect, but also from other data providers). There are also free softwares available on the internet to convert many GPS files to FIT files.

Pro Focus on the "Training Schemes" feature

Progress always involves working hard on specific points, and it is sometimes difficult to navigate through what you have to do, what you think you have done, what you think you have to do. . . Rise Sailing offers you a simple tool to manage your Training Schemes.

Define your Training Schemes

Start by creating your objectives, based on the major categories that match your type of boat. For each of them, define a title, and specify the content.

Refine your training schemes

For each Session, easily select what you have done (e. g. technique, equipment, tactics, etc. ). Have you worked on the setting of your jib? With one click it is saved and associated to the Session you have just finished! Do you consider that you have perfect control of gybing in the breeze? With one click it is validated, and you don’t have to think about it anymore!

Follow the progress 

With a simple colour code, you identify in the list what has been validated, what is in progress, and what has not yet been processed. By clicking on one of the lines, you can access the work history of that scheme.

No chance of arriving ill-prepared on a major deadline or forgetting to work on a manoeuvre or check that a critical system such as an autopilot is working properly.

Any questions?

If you have any question or if you want to suggest a feature or improvement, please contact us! Our team of enthusiasts will be happy to answer and discuss all the features of Rise Sailing with you! est propriété de la SAS Halehau, domiciliée au 375 rue des Sternes, 29200 Brest, au capital de 28120€, immatriculée au registre du commerce et de sociétés de Brest. SIRET : 84398384200017. Numéro de TVA: FR17843983842. Conditions Générales d'Utilisations