For Coaches

Wish to run a tight ship by improving your efficiency and optimize the management of your Athletes ?

The Rise Sailing digital solution is made for you !

In a few words

Rise Sailing for Coaches encompasses all the features of Rise Sailing for Athletes within a dedicated interface and grants you access to exclusive features.

Group Scheduling

Manage the sessions of one or more Athletes in a few clicks !

Panoramic View

All the records and data of your Athletes on a single interface.

Volumetric Data and Statistics

Analyze the collected data and share your expertise with your Athletes !

Share and Exchange

Stay in touch with your Athletes and keep an eye on the latest training, even 12,000 miles away.

All ‘Skipper’ profile features are included

A Coach profile allows you to manage and visualize several projects. As soon as you have been accredited as a Coach on a project, you can access all the management functionalities: planning, session sheets, weather, equipment...

However, as a Coach you cannot create your own projects.

 Coaching Made Simple !

Rise Sailing is your daily companion and grants you the best tools to follow up on your Athletes’ progress. By offering 360° solutions to manage the parameters of sailing performance, Rise Sailing allows you to make the most of reliable, relevantly processed data - at last ! You will gain time, liaise more closely with your Athletes and you will be able to focus on the actions that are at the heart of your expertise.

Global vision

The semi-automated session assessment solution allows you to interact with your Athletes easily. In addition, you benefit from a reliable database to optimize performance through weather, equipment, physiological and volumetric statistics... You will then have a good understanding of the progress of your Athletes to adjust their work objectives in the best possible way.

Simplified Scheduling

Get an overview of the programme of one or more of your Athletes, schedule new sessions or change content in just a few clicks! Gain time and efficiency with this tool developed to enhance the flexibility of the trainer-trainee relationship.

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Better Communication

Suggest sessions and exchange, debrief and comment on your Athletes' training data live, even remotely. The trainer-trainee relationship will be strengthened. You will never lose touch with your Athletes who always need your advice and wise insights.

With each session archived, you can access info at any time and share your professional knowledge with your Athletes. Take advantage of the dashboards to get an overview and start from there to define new training schemes for future sessions.

Our "Coach" offers

Pricing is based on the number of Athletes that a Coach can manage simultaneously on his account. Add-ons may subsequently be available in the subscription plans, or offered as an option.

When a Coach is disconnected from a project, there is a 72-hour waiting period until he/she can reconnect.

Coach 10 30 €

per month, VAT included, annual subscription fee, 360€ per year.

1 month trial*
  • All « Skipper » features
  • Access to the help-desk platform
  • Dedicated scheduling tool

  • Up to 10 Athletes at the same time

Coach 20 44 €

per month, including VAT, annual subscription fee, 528€ per year

1 month trial*
  • All « Skipper » features
  • Dedicated scheduling tool
  • Access to the help-desk platform
  • Up to 20 Athletes at the same time

- €

Specific pricing, upon request

Contact us
  • All « Skipper » features
  • Dedicated scheduling tool
  • Access to the help-desk platform
  • Specified number of Athletes at the same time

* 31 days of free use of Rise Sailing if you choose the auto-renewal payment option.

What Athletes say about our solution :

Hélène Noesmoen, Olympic Windsurfing Athlete

“Rise Sailing brings me a lot more of organization, I don’t have to go fumbling for information, it’s all just in one place. I don’t get lost in my notes as much as I used to and it also makes it easier for me to communicate with my Coach. ”

 Focus on the ‘Group Scheduling’ feature 

Users with a Coach subscription plan benefit from a dedicated scheduling interface that allows them to interact with several projects of the same type.

Basis for Typical Sessions

Do you often reuse the same session content? Create Typical Sessions, define the programme for each, and schedule them endlessly !

This feature is particularly suitable for Coaches who also take care of the physical preparation of their Athletes, in addition to training on the water. This allows you to deliver the best response throughout the evolution of the programme, so you can better adapt the physical preparation to the intensity of the navigation.

Multiple View

In a blink, you can see who does what and when. Do you wish to focus on a single project ? Not a problem, display just this one.

Do you also sail in a project ? You will also be able to view your personal sessions and optimize your availability.

Simultaneous Scheduling (video)

Schedule sessions for one or more projects at the same time. Select a typical session, drop it on the calendar, then choose the related projects ! There you go, the sessions are created, and data such as the weather forecast enrich the sheet already ! (click on the picture to watch the demo video)

Any questions?

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